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Wireless Accessories

These are some very useful wireless accessories that will help you bring music to all parts of your home. We don't sell these
directly. You'll be forwarded to to learn more.

If you use Apple products like iPads, iTunes, iPods, iPhones, then you'll want to stick with devices
like this that help power your network with AirPlay.
Apple AirPlay

There's a great write up on our blog about how
to implement a whole house audio system with AirPlay here; Apple Airport Express for whole house audio

Use to bring these apps to your home audio system wirelessly:

These little guys will do great for a single room of sound via Bluetooth. They are limited for what can
do performance-wise, but very practical and intuitive to use.

Use these for stand alone music systems where you will be in the room while you're listening.

Perfect addition to your existing stereo to make it wireless.

These receivers have AirPlay built in.