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-Here you'll find easy selections for basic use.

Most in here are middle of the road selections that work well together offering value, not high performance.

MAS Audio is a smart choice for budget minded families just starting out. Great value and a better price than the "main brand names". MAS Audio only imports inwall and ceiling speakers, so they are very focused on what they're doing. Very nice blend of lows and highes, good detail in the music. Perfect for music thru out the house on a lazy Saturday morning or a family Thanksgiving Dinner. If you've got teenagers who you're not sure what they do when you're out of town, this brand my not be right for you.

InwallTech is the better of the systems to look at if you have a more discerning ear for your music or you like to kick up your heals a bit. Cocktail parties are your thing and the kids will love you for putting in a system they can move around to a little. You will be someone who likes a little higher volume when you're vacuuming and want some Rolling Stones to keep you "Satisfied"!