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JA Audio Fully Rotating All Ceiling Mount Theater System
JA Audio Fully Rotating All Ceiling Mount Theater System

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This is a brand we came across while doing some R&D for our own upcoming brand name speakers. At this point we're still a little cramped for space to bring in as many products as we need to create our own branded speakers and accessories. So we asked the factory we were dealing with if there were any other companies looking at the same type of products we were...and we came across JA Audio.

These products are from the same molds in which we were trying to design our models. This is the type of quality combination that we thought was missing from our current line-up of brands and models coming from the larger names that we carry.

JA Audio has a good balance of great sound at a lower price thru the use of more current materials and compact packaging.

We'd love to sell these for more money as the quality is there to compare to other more expensive brands

Transcript of the Video above:

"We are going to do a review of a product. This is the first one actually so if you have seen a number of them, this was the first. This is for a pretty cool product from JA Audio called the EXR6T. And I'm just going to open it up from the beginning how you get it and show you some of the cool things about it. Let me show you what the box looks like. It's well packaged, there is good information on the side and we are going to go over some of these specifications. Inside you have one pair. They sell just like shoes. We wouldn't sell you just one shoe. So you see that speakers come priced by the pair. As you open it up, you'll see an instruction-installation guide from JA Audio. And some of the tools that you are going to need to install this. It comes with two templates. These are both painting shields. You can put this inside your grill, paint the outside. You don't paint the grills being on the speakers, don't leave them to the painters, do them yourself. You place it in the middle here and you'll be able to paint around the edges without getting the middle painted, and then you also have a template for your cut-out. You put this on the ceiling and you trace around it , and then you have your cut-out. That's how those work.

Also inside you'll find two individually packaged boxes. And each of these contain one speaker. We break these up into singles and sell them to you for surround systems. So you can have a center channel for the ceiling. You can have five round speakers if you want. Inside you see these, pretty well packaged, I never have any problems with these getting to you all dinged up. It comes out of its cellophane wrap and we'll take a closer look here in a second.

Now we have the speaker out of the package. Let me show you some of the parts about it. You'll notice two little bags of interesting parts. One is a little wire sort of things like this and this will help you get your grill of. And these... we get the most amount of calls about these pieces... inside there are little, sticky, black things that help you if your grill is a little loose. You stick these in the channel of your grill. It helps firm up the grill. Inside of here first thing you'll notice in the back is the crossover. This allows low frequencies to go to the woofer and high frequencies to go to the tweeter. This one is a 12 dB crossover. You can always tell the 12 dB crossover because you got a cap and a coil for both sides. Some resistors in there serve some other function; allow you to drop it 3 decibels either up or down. This is how this all lays out. It's really nicely laid out. You can see the bezel is a little deeper and the back is able to pivot inside. Little trick to take of these speaker grills: You take these dog ears and twist them out. You use these to push to the front and the grill pops right out. You'll notice on the grill first of all that you have this backing in here. It's a little piece of fabric. What that does is it enables the speaker to be hidden underneath there without having to see the blue or purple and everything that's inside. It kind of hides real nice. There is a little dome shape to this one. It's to help the function of this going back and forth. Some basic things on this is, one it is pretty cool how it pivots. Inside the frame it moves the speaker while it's installed in the ceiling even and put it any direction that you want. It goes all the way around. You can push it wherever you want to push it. It's important that the whole speaker pivots because if you just move the tweeter like most of the other speakers have high frequencies going one direction and mid and low frequencies going the other. And the problem with that is that you get what's called an off-axis response and sometimes you'll hear phase problems, you'll hear frequency echoes, weird hollow points in different frequencies. So if you have a regular tweeter that doesn't point, keep your tweeter pointing straight out. Sounds better. Here we've got "W" and "T" -3/0 and -3/0. What that enables you to do, you got two, no actually three settings. Flat you have one lower and tweeter the same. So this will enable you to give a three decibel drop to the woofer. It's going to sound higher. And also give the tweeter a three decibel drop and put it at zero flat over here if you have some sort of volume problems. Three decibels, that's the first level of sound that we can hear. So we'll notice that difference when you switch those.

It's got a fiberglass cone. It's got a butyl rubber surround. That means it's a very, very flexible and very, very durable type of material. It enables it to go in and out, in and out, many many times. It also has a titanium tweeter. This is a one inch dome titanium tweeter. They call it 25 mm. That's the measurement across here. This is a 6.5 inch woofer. We call these 6.5 inch speakers, that means the woofer is 6.5 inches in diameter. That doesn't mean the overall dimension is 6.5. Actually these are closer to about 11 inches. They are about six inches deep, so these won't go into walls. But they will go into ceilings.

In summary on this speaker: We got a nice 6.5 inch pivotal, fully rotating in-ceiling speaker. It works as an infinite baffle, that means it goes into addict spaces,and in between joices. It's got a one inch titanium tweeter, a fiberglass cone 6.5 inch in diameter, it has a high end 12 dB adjustable crossover for woofer and tweeter. That means it gives you 3 decibels up or down on the woofer levels or tweeter levels. Its frequency response was measured at 52 Hz on the low end and up to 22,000 Hz on the high end +/- 3 decibels, along that line. Power handling is up to 100 watts. Sensitivity or what they call efficiency is 88 decibels per 1 watt. And this grill is made out of aluminum, so it won't rust, you can use this outdoors as long as it is not in direct contact with water. It is about 11 inches in diameter and six inches deep. Cut-out dimensions are about 9 1/4 inches. You don't want to be doing any cutting until you get this and use the templates provided."

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April 3, 2011
Reviewer: Anonymous Person  
<p><strong>Testimonials:</strong></p><p>"Fantastic speakers, great sound and very easy to install.  The shipment showed up on time and the product was well packaged.  I will do more business with The Inwall Store for future needs."<br><i><b>- Mark C.</b></i></p><p>"The purchase experience with InWall Store was great.  Pre-sales help was top notch. The sales person was very helpful and answered my questions fully. I can't emphasize enough that having posted a video review of the speakers on your web site earned my business.  I could have purchased these at 2 other popular sites for similar pricing but I prefer to do business with a company that is dedicated to educating their customers so that they make the most informed purchasing decision possible. The speaker casings are quite durable and are constructed with high quality. Because of the room outlay and ceiling height, being able to pivot the entire speaker in its housing was a very appealing feature.  It turns out that this feature allows me to provide more uniform sound coverage with better sound imaging in my room versus leaving them in their flat non-pivoted position. Overall, I can say that InWall Store is the place to shop... I am thinking of buying additional speakers for adjacent rooms since this receiver can drive multiple zones, and I will strongly consider JA Audio again, and if so, going to InWall Store will be a no-brainer."<br><i><b>- Thomas S.</b></i></p><p>"I looked at probably 100 sites, trying to figure out what would be best, and ran into your tutorial on the "JA Audio EX-R6T Pivoting Fully Rotating 6 1/2 in. Ceiling Speakers", which explained several things I had not considered (e.g. phase distortion from tweeter-only pivot speaker models).  Once I divided on the JA Audios, after further researched price - what do you know, Inwallstore was VERY competitive.  Then when I called and your helpful sales staff gave me details on my shipping options, I was sold.  The product showed up a day early, and it allowed me to complete my installation before a holiday party.  My only complaint is that the instructions included with the speakers were "light"... but the web-based tutorial did more than make up for that. I will likely buy from Inwallstore again, should I need speakers."<br><b><i>Tyson K.</b></i></p><p>"The speakers I purchased were amazing...the installation was unbelievably easy, and the online assistance was excellent!  Thank you inwallstore! I am a customer for life!"<br><b><i>Deanna N.</b></i></p><p>"Finally our kitchen/family room remodel is done and surprisingly the new items that most impressed us weren't the appliances or recess lights but our ceiling speakers.<br>In the family room we installed the JA Audio Fully Rotating All Ceiling Mount theatre system (5 Speakers), and in the adjoining kitchen we installed 2 JA Audio EX-C65 Extreme Series 6 1/2 in. 2 Way In-Ceiling Speakers, one lined up over the sink and the other over the island.<br>I started off shopping for a whole theater system and the more I checked online,the more I became convinced that I could pick our own components instead of investing in an all inclusive "boxed" system.With the help of a few well placed inquiries including Inwallstore, I finally chose a receiver, subwoofer and the ceiling speakerswith good reputations and  outstanding performances based on the many reviews of products now available to consumers.<br>Both my husband and I were blown away by the sound these speakers provide. This was the best decision we could have made and more importantly we would make it again given a choice.This is the only product we feel absolutely confident we can review, in which we are extremely satisfied and more importantlythat we boasts of to anyone asking about our remodel.<br>The instructions were simple and the contractors had no difficulty with the installation. The two kitchen speakers are on a separate channelso they can be turned on with music while the TV & theater system are off in the family room, or be on when the TV is on as well playing either what'son the HDTV or something separate if I want to listen to music while others are watching a game. Truly versatile!<br>Thank you, thank you for all your help, and the many questions from a lay person that you answered with enthusiasm and knowledge.For this reason, for those out there shopping around like we were, we wish to recommend InwallStore products and customer service which were both outstanding."<br><b><i>David & Line K.</b></i></p>

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