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InwallTech™ M65.1W 6 1/2" Virtually Invisible Aluminum Wall Speakers InwallTech Pro Gold M65.1W

-Lifelike, Robust, Accurate Sound Stage

Aluminum cone woofers allow for a sturdy low frequency response paired with our symmetrical soft dome tweeter for realistic highs with great coverage.

-Plays well with iPod and iTunes
Give your music library what it needs to fill the house with music.

-Great Entry Level Theater Speakers
Everything you want for clear dialog and full theater performance.

Compare at: $199.00
Sale Price: $139.00 pair

InwallTech Pro Gold M525.1LCR InwallTech Pro Gold M525.1LCR

-Unique Dual Woofer Design

More speaker surface area moving more air means more low frequencies. The smaller cones size moves faster meaning tighter lows, less distortion.

-Symmetrically centered tweeter
Imaging is enhanced with the tweeter mounted between the two woofers...your sound stage will feel more accurate.

-High Power Handling
At 125 watts per speaker, you won't run out of power! Even at low volumes, these speakers sound delicate with their efficient design.

Compare at: $338.00
Sale Price: $238.00 pair
InwallTech HD-650.2W High Definition 6 1/2" Virtually Invisible Wall Speakers InwallTech® HD-650.2W

Compare at: $599.00
Sale Price: $429.00 pair

Inwalltech® TM525.1LCR Speakers InwallTech® TM525.1LCRpair

Compare at: $599.00
Sale Price: $438.00 pair
InwallTech HD525.1LCR InwallTech® HD525.1LCR --Pair

Compare at: $799.00
Sale Price: $658.00 pair