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JA Audio Theater Pack for 7.1 Surround System
JA Audio Theater Pack for 7.1 Surround System

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This is a brand we came across while doing some R&D for our own upcoming brand name speakers. At this point we're still a little cramped for space to bring in as many products as we need to create our own branded speakers and accessories. So we asked the factory we were dealing with if there were any other companies looking at the same type of products we were...and we came across JA Audio.

These products are from the same molds in which we were trying to design our models. This is the type of quality combination that we thought was missing from our current line-up of brands and models coming from the larger names that we carry.

JA Audio has a good balance of great sound at a lower price thru the use of more current materials and compact packaging.

We'd love to sell these for more money as the quality is there to compare to other more expensive brands

Transcript of the Video above:

"Now we are going to give you a little video review of one of our featured products, JA Audio. This is their center channel speaker, JACC5A and we are going to kind of walk you through and open the box and show you exactly what to expect when you get this guy. So as you open it, what you'll notice is you got a template. I'm going to show you what that's for as soon as we'll get a close-up of this. And then you'll also get a owners manual, an instruction guide, telling you what you are going to need, what to expect. It got a list of tools you'll need. This comes pretty well packed. It's got the pretty package outside and then more inside.

Let's get inside the box and see what we've got here. Inside you'll find a logo. Logos aren't on the grill. You can put them on if you want to. So don't worry about that. It won't be all cluttered up. Lets take this guy out and we'll show you some of the features. You notice it has six dog ears. Most of the regular models only have four dog ears. This one has two more in the middle that will give you a little bit more stability on this. We also have a video that will show you how to install this in a horizontal application. The distance here is farther than 16 inches on center. So it won't fit horizontally perfectly with using the dog ears between your studs. You'll have to do some manipulations and we'll show you how. But you'll notice the shielding on these. So if you happen to be next to a tube TV, it'll work without any problems. Although you don't need it for plasma or LCD or rear projection TV's , CRT, anything like that. A regular speaker doesn't have an interference with that type of TV at all. So anyway, that's one thing you'll notice here. Those are pretty beefy magnets, pretty hefty. This whole thing ways about 10 lbs. It's a 24 dB crossover which is pretty high-end for an inexpensive driver like this. Very nice feature to have on a product that is approaching mid to high end. So now we'll take of the grill. The trick - and you might have seen this on one of our other videos - is to turn the dog ears, push the screw and that pops the grill right up. A lot of people get really confused on how to get these things of and it's actually really quite easy. Now we've got the driver face. Two aluminum 5 1/4 inch drivers on the same plate. You get to add up their size. These will simulate a larger driver by being on the same plate. These will sound more like a 8 inch driver. You also have a 3/4 inch tweeter in the middle. It's 19mm. This pivots. Try not to do that. What happens is you send the low frequencies in one direction and the high frequencies the other. Just keep it pointing straight out and you won't have any phase problems that way. Butyl rubber surround on both of these. Very flexible. For a 5 1/4 they extend very low. Aluminum coated driver and an aluminum tweeter. A nice, smooth, smooth transition between those.

So in summary of this driver we'll give you some of the technical dimensions on this guy. It is a dual 5 1/4 inch center channel in-wall speaker. Mounted vertically or horizontally, either one. It's got two 5 1/4 inch woofers, it's got one 19 mm aluminum dome tweeter, that's about 3/4 of an inch. It has magnetic shielding. It's a dome driver. The dome driver's frequency response is measured at 70 Hz on the low end to 22,000 Hz on the high end. Power handling is 100 watts max and you are going to have an efficiency of about 89 dB."

Transcript of the Video above:

"This will be the video review for the JA Audio JAI6A. Here is how it comes packaged. Nice overall packaging. It's a good retail package. But we don't really need it since we are only selling on the internet. So, inside, as you'll open up, it's got two internal packs as well and we'll get into that in a bit.

So, we'll take a look into the box of the JAI6A. It comes with a template for a drawing on the wall and a paint plug if you wanted to paint the grill of this speaker. This goes inside the grill. Those are included and inside the box... as you pull it out... you got two master packs inside. So here you have your individually wrapped speakers. And as you'll see, they come pre-installed with the grills on. Everything has a finished look. And since these need to come out, if you look they come out pretty easy. You just take the dog ears and push them through and that pops the grill right of. And that exposes the screws which you'll need to do the install in the back. On the front you see, we've got a 6.5 inch woofer, aluminum cone, a butyl rubber surround which is a nice flexible material that lets the speaker extend itself very well. We've got a 1 inch, or 25 mm, aluminum tweeter that also pivots. Which you don't want to do. You'll have some phase problems as you point low frequencies and high frequencies in different directions. You'll kind of an echo sound in certain parts of the music or dialogs. So try to keep that just pointed straight out. You'll be okay. This also has a little flare to the tweeter. JBL started to incorporate that. They called it a wave guide. It helps to disperse the music a little bit nicer out of the walls. So you are getting a little more dispersion to the sides. Let's flip it over and what you'll see is a little bit over-build crossover. It's a 24 dB crossover. Really not required with the type of equipment that we've got here but it shows the dedication of these guys in making a good speaker. It's a really well designed crossover. The phase differences are all taken into account. So that's a nice, nice crossover.

It has two posts for wire connections which are unique. Most of the time you see spring clips on inexpensive ones. These are inexpensive but by no means cheap. So you just screw these and set your wire in and tighten it back down with your thumb. No tools required. 100 watts, 8 ohm driver.

So in summary of our speaker review here. The JAI6A is a 6.5 inch 2-way - meaning woofer and tweeter - in-wall speaker. It's an infinite baffle design. So it's meant to go into greater than 3 cubic feet, 5 cubic feet. It's got a 1 inch aluminum dome tweeter, a 6.5 inch diameter woofer. It does come with a pretty high-end crossover, 24 dB. Frequency response is from 50 Hz to 20,000 Hz. It's an 8 ohm speaker. Maximum power about 100 watts. It comes with a white aluminum grill which is good for the use outside. Although I wouldn't suggest to use it in a side wall. If you have to do an overhang, that's okay. Overall dimensions about 8 11/16 by a little over 12 inches. It's three inches deep. It will fit into any 2 x4 stud bay, no problem."

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Click here for the JAI6AII manufacturer page http://www.jaaudiousa.com/JA-I6Aii/
Click here for the JACC5AII manufacturer page http://www.jaaudiousa.com/JA-CC5Aii/

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