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Custom Install Speaker Wire

Near Audiophile quality speaker wire.

InwallTech's approach to all the products they produce is to get the most value before hitting the point of diminishing returns. In EVERY industry the saying of "the last mile costs the most" means that the highest costs go into the FINE details. These are lost on most all of the population. There are very few "audiophiles" out there...even self described. Only they can hear AND appreciate AND be willing to pay the differences in high end cable, high end speakers and high end everything else.

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InwallTech In-Wall Speaker Wire 16-4 500 ft. CL3 InwallTech® 16/4 500 Closeout


Compare at: $360.00
Sale Price: $99.00

What Inwalltech does with wire is from anecdotal experience. (Real life first hand)

Why is the jacket the way it is?
-Color coding for each of the types of wire to identify what you're using (time is money).
16/2 has a green line
16/4 has a red line
14/2 has a yellow line
14/4 has a blue line
-Every foot has a total foot marker
For installers, knowing what to charge EXACTLY
For installers and end users, knowing how long your run is in case it's over the limit for distance (see table and for why)
-High Strand Count of individual copper
Flexibility because you want to have a complete wire length in tact in the end. If you use a wire with too few of wire strands (cheap cable), you risk breaking those in pinch points. You're not going to find this out until AFTER your drywall is up, painted and finished.
Not too high of a strand count. More is not necessarily better in terms of strand count. If we could get away with fewer strands for quality, we would.
105 strands for 14 gauge
65 strands for 16 gauge
-Jacket construction for "slickness"
The jacket is round and has a coating on it to allow it to slide through installation holes quicker and stay more in tact.
-Box Design
The box is designed for easy payout the whole way through. Spools will be "coiled" in such a way that pay out often kinks with that perfect coil twist. While that's good for garden hoses, it's a pain in the rear for installing wire.
-Near 100% pure copper wire strands
Higher conductivity means lower heat over distance. Better bass at the limits of the wire lengths. Cost effectiveness over using the next larger wire gauge.