Inwall Audio/Video and Networking, Inc.

Incorporated in 1998, Inwall began as an installation company for custom home audio. We initially pre-wired homes for low voltage devices and audio/video. Computer network wiring was just starting in homes and it's funny now how tough of a sale that was for a $300 add on!

We moved on to sales of equipment and satellite installation as well. We actually had a patent for a unique way of window mounting satellite dishes for apartments and condos. Our website started in 1998, is still owned by us, but we offered free email accounts to help market the site, bad people took advantage of that and had to be discontinued. The address still works and gets to us, but it just gets forwarded to

Along the way as the internet got more popular and we began to see growth in sales of inwall speakers and the accessories, we put more energy into the website and less into crawling around in attics and basements.

As we've grown we've migrated through a few different site designs and shopping cart programs. This one you're looking at now started in August 2008. A fun little website is called the "WayBackMachine". You can see our sites here:*/
and here:*/

We're still a small company and we really care about providing a great product at a good price.

Thank you for visiting and hopefully buying from'll be glad you did.

Brian Kruse

25 Random Things about us:

1. We have shipping locations in each lower 48 state's 4 time zones.

2. We have our first dollar made on display.

3. We have 2 "That was Easy" Staples buttons.

4. We use mostly Apple computers.

5. Our wall plates originate in Shanghai Mainland China.

6. We don't keep credit card numbers written down for more than a day (security shredded after that).

7. Everybody in the company sees all our emails.

8. Brian has been doing this in his spare time:

9. We use Voice Over Internet type phones.

10. We use a fulfillment warehouse for all our storage and shipping.

11. We celebrate "Maple Bar" Thursdays.

12. Two of us went to the same High School.

13. We use colored paperclips.

14. During the summer, the whole office might take a waterskiing lunch.

15. In 2005 the whole company went on vacation in Puerto Vallarta and we did business from there!

16. Our first order from the website came in while the owner was on vacation....again in Mexico.

17. We keep cute animal day calendars and tape the cutest ones up on a wall.

18. We have casual Fridays...and Thursdays...and Wednesdays...and well you get it.

19. We own a Prius for company errands. It's red. It has a license frame that says "...ya it's got a Hemi".

20. The current website is the 6th version of redesigns in 10 years.

21. We take most of our own pictures of products with a photo box called PhotoSimile

22. We've wired 12,000 square foot houses in the past.

23. We still have pictures of most our installation pre-wires.

24. We have a live person ALWAYS answer the phones after the first prompt and we use a live person message taker service if we can't answer ourselves.

25. We take it personal to get it right.