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Do I need a Rough-In (pre-construction bracket) Kit?
Last Updated: 06/16/2015

Do I need a Rough-In (pre-construction bracket) Kit?

None of the speakers we carry come with pre-construction brackets.

The short answer is no.

Because the appearance of a room can change so much between the framing stage and the finished stage, it's more prudent to do your final speaker placements when the room is completed.

It's always smart to have a general idea of where you want your speakers mounted in the framing stage, and to run the wire out into the desired stud bays on either side of your preferred location while it's still fully accessible.

Speaker placement, however, should wait until the wallboard is up, and you can look at the room as it will be when you're living in it.

Then it's only a matter of using the simple installation systems both in-wall and in-ceiling speakers provide to secure it to the drywall.

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