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Can I Paint My Speakers?
Last Updated: 06/16/2015

Can I paint my speakers?

Yes, yes you can! The whole point of inwall speakers is to conceal their presence. The speakers are designed to be airbrushed with the same wall-paint you use to decorate your wall.

For best results please follow these steps.

  • Priming the grills is not necessary. But you should sand them for optimal results.
  • Remove the fabric backing of the grill. You can choose to reinstall it after painting but it is usually not needed.
  • Dilute the paint as much as the manufacturer allows.
  • Airbrush/spray the surface. Like this one:
  • Do several light coats. (Over 5 coats) A lighter coat will dry fast.
  • With each coat, spray from a different angle to get all the tiny inner edges.
  • Tiny holes can clog with paint. You can use an air-compressor or a can of compressed air to unclog the holes while the paint is still wet.
  • Take your time, be careful and complete all the steps and you'll have a gorgeous result that will blend right into your wall.

    Customer Comments:

    Very helpful!

    This is something I will have to do and this is good information for when I have to paint the speakers

    This is great for painting before installation but what about two or three years down the road when my wife wants to change the color of the room? How do you get the grills off and paint then another color?
    Inwallstore: I've had some luck with paint remover, but it's tedious. The grills are removable. Some brands offer grills for resale, but there's a risk of going through obsolescence.

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