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Can I install rectangular speakers in a ceiling?
Last Updated: 06/16/2015

Can I install rectangular speakers in a ceiling?

In our experience vaulted ceilings are the exception. Rectangular speakers usually look fine installed there - which is probably related to the angle of the wall.

Of course you can. However in our experience the aesthetics are not as nice as a round speaker.

No matter what you do to align, measure and prepare, rectangular inwall speakers just never seem to appear lined up.

From the floor looking up, the perspective tends to make them look askew. That is why the default shape for in-ceiling speakers is round. The whole point of flush-mount speakers is not to draw attention, but if they're crooked-looking, they definitely will!

Customer Comments:

yes thank you. I am installing on a vaulted ceiling and this helps the perspective of what they would look like. Thank you again.

Where is the best place to mount the 5 ceiling speakers in the ceiling (location) The speakers are flush mouted and do not extend when turned on.
Inwallstore: See this FAQ about Theater Placement

This is the answer I am looking for. My wife and I are building a house and our original spots was good for mounting the rectangular speakers in the wall. Tonight she decided she wanted to move the tv. It will be between two windows, but on one side I only have 8" of space between studs due to the corner of the wall. I have a vaulted ceiling and was not sure if I could place them right where the wall and ceiling meet going up the ceiling. Thank you for your help.

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