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Warranty questions.
Last Updated: 06/16/2015

Warranty information

Brand Speakers Volume Controls Speaker Selectors
InWalltech lifetime 1 year 1 year
Audioplex lifetime lifetime
ArchiTech lifetime lifetime
BIC 7 years
HTXAudio 1 year
JAAudio 2 years 2 years
MASAudio lifetime
OWI 5 years
Preference lifetime
Russound lifetime lifetime
TIC Outdoor speakers 1 year
Generic IR Repeaters 1 year

As of 2015 we have one of the most unique warranties in the audio business!

Most other consumer electronics companies offer what is called a Limited Warranty for MANUFACTURER defects. That means that only defects are covered that THEY missed at the factory. The only problem is, this is the real world and things happen to speakers that are USER caused.

What kind of things could go wrong that WOULDN'T be covered?

How about a 3 year old playing with the volume knob while the amp is turned off, then you turn it on at 100% volume? That will kill a speaker pretty quick.

Maybe your college student comes home for the holidays and unbeknownst to you, has an impromptu party with your new speakers?

Maybe when plugging in your iPod, you forget that your headphone volume was turned all the way up and you get that static POP when touching the headphone jack?

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