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Basic wiring diagram for whole house audio.
Basic Wiring Diagram for whole house audio
Can I Play My MP3's Thru My Ceiling/Wall Speakers?
Can I play MP3's through my ceiling/wall speakers Absolutely! Integrating your computer into your inwall or in-ceiling sound system is simpler than you think.
How to wire for wall or ceiling speakers (Whole house audio, music)?
How to wire for wall or ceiling speakers? (Step 1) Determine which rooms or areas you wish to provide sound, keeping any outdoor areas in mind. This will determine
Should I Build a Box For My Speakers?
Should I Build a Box For My Speakers? NO These speakers are designed for walls. Our walls and ceilings typically have more than 3ft³ of airspace in them. Most in-wall and in-c
What Type of Wire Should I Use Outside?
If you are using standard outdoor speakers, any of the wire we recommend or sell on our site will do for this application. If you are running this wire for more than 100 feet, you might want to insure
Wiring Guide
Wiring Guide: How to Install Ceiling and Wall Speakers A simple guide and introduction on installing ceiling speakers and wall speakers If you are building a new residential or commerc