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Are The Speakers Pair Priced?
Are the speakers pair priced? Almost all of the speakers we hold are sold in pairs and therefore pair-prices. However, there are a few speakers which
Can I Paint My Speakers?
Can I paint my speakers? Yes, yes you can! The whole point of inwall speakers is to conceal their presence. The speakers are designed to be airbrushed with t
Can I Play My MP3's Thru My Ceiling/Wall Speakers?
Can I play MP3's through my ceiling/wall speakers Absolutely! Integrating your computer into your inwall or in-ceiling sound system is simpler than you think.
Ceiling Speakers Outside?
Can I use my ceiling speakers outside? In most cases, our in-wall and in-ceiling speakers can weather the elements perfectly well. Anything you put into the care of Mother Nature, however
Do the Speakers Come With Grills?
Do the speakers come with grills? All of our in-wall and in-ceiling speakers come with grills. Most manufacturers tend to show the products in their naked form so the
Do You Sell Replacement Grill Covers?
Do you sell replacement grill covers? Replacement grill We sell replacement grills for the brand InwallTech only. The grills are unique to each manufacturer. So
How Many Speakers Should I Use For Theater?
How many speakers should I use for theater set up? For theater use we recommend a 5.1 or 7.1 speaker set. Which speaker set you should choose, depends on the length of y
How to compare speakers?
How to compare speakers? Stop by this website and see how to rate speakers yourself: It really doesn't matter what brand is pr
How to Demo Speakers
First we make a large sheet of firm material. In our example we use a piece of melamine just because it will tend to be a little more durable overtime. We make "plates" on the front so that we can ma
Installing speakers in acoustic tiles or drop ceiling style ceilings
Installing speakers in acoustic tiles or drop ceiling style ceilings. Take a look here for some basic knowledge about ceiling tiles that you may not get from the manufacturers of the t
My Speakers Sound Terrible, What's Wrong?
We understand that when people receive their speakers after ordering them from the internet, they're anxious to test them out and see if they work. In our experience, people are likely to just hoo
Should I Build a Box For My Speakers?
Should I Build a Box For My Speakers? NO These speakers are designed for walls. Our walls and ceilings typically have more than 3ft³ of airspace in them. Most in-wall and in-c
Theater Speaker Placement
Theater speaker placement. A customer of ours sent us a great web application that helps with placement in a theater set up. Directly from Dolby Labs. D
What is "Attention to Detail"...5 examples why InwallTech is ahead of the rest!
Attention to Detail Attention to detail was my favorite judging criteria when I was a young installation judge for IASCA (International Auto Sound Challenge Association).  This was the beginning
What Size Should I Use For Theater?
What size should I use for theater set up? A bigger speaker is generally not better. The subwoofer already handles the lower sounds. A bigger speaker is slower to react
What's the difference between the InwallTech ProGold Series and High Definition Series?
Great question! But there are a couple parts of this question that we can drill down on. Some other questions that are like this are: Will I like the ProGold or HD series? What makes these two series
Where should I place my speakers?
Where should I place my speakers? We feel there are two ways to go for speaker placement. The first is in “social areas” where multiple peopl